“I saw you last Thursday for high BP and I am happy to report that I have had ONLY good readings since seeing you, I seriously cannot believe it! I also picked up the Olive Leaf extract at Sprouts on my way home and have been taking that.  I can’t thank you enough, it’s so nice to not get anxiety taking my blood pressure each day (for the first time in a year!!!). You are a miracle worker, thank you!!!” — KD

“This is the first time in 2 weeks I can walk without pain. Thank you!” – CL

“Pain is still gone up and down my back. I can get out of bed easier and bend up & down easier. A little pain in lower back but still sooo much better. Energy very good today.” – MF

“Dr. Jo has has helped keep me on the court teaching and playing tennis. My acupuncture treatments on my elbow, forearm, back and shoulders help my body recover from the repetitive nature and overuse that comes from playing and teaching.”  – AV, Tennis Pro

“Dr. Jo is amazing! I have suffered from piriformis issues for years and she has been able to stop my discomfort. Whether it is acupuncture, cupping or other muscle relaxing techniques, Dr. Jo has helped with my muscle aches and pains and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to try alternative therapy. She has great bedside manner and really cares about the full well being of her patients.” – AC

“Oh my goodness. 90% healed. I can walk like a human again. Upright, not in pain. That back pain woulda taken a week to heal…” – CL