Immunity Support during Cold Season

*Cold & Allergy is the old name of Immunity Support. Same formula, new name!

Cold season is still underway and often continues thru April. An easy and natural way to better protect yourself and your family is with Immunity Support from Dao Labs. This ancient Chinese herbal formula, classically known as Yu Ping Feng San (YPFS), is used to reinforce the body’s immune defense function and is wildly popular during cold and pollen seasons. It is also one of the essentials in my family’s “holistic medicine cabinet”.

Clinically YPFS has been applied in anti-viral and anti-bacterial situations and has been shown to prevent viral infections such as SARS, and to enhance cellular immunity.

In a study conducted at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, researchers looked at the action mechanism of YPFS and analyzed the chemical and biological properties of the formula. The study shows that YPFS modulates release of cell signalling molecules that aid in cell-to-cell communication in immune responses and stimulate the movement of cells towards sites of inflammation, infection and trauma. The ability to attack foreign cells in the body is an important defense mechanism in an innate immune system.

This is the most used Chinese formula in my own household this time of year. We use it like a super-charged Airborne and take it days leading up to and the day of traveling via plane. We take it as a preventative if one of the kids comes home from school with a runny nose or at first signs that we are coming down with something ourselves. This Friday we are going to Disneyland for my son’s 5th birthday and we will all be taking Immunity Support as we brave the crowds at the park!

Immunity Support helps the often bitter Chinese herbs become easier to take. Simply mix with water and drink daily to support your immune system or whenever you expect to be around tons of people during sick season. Also be sure to wash your hands regularly, drink lots of water and get quality sleep!

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